Skipper's Steel Poles are used extensively for Power Distribution & Lighting projects in India (RGGVY and APDRP) as well as Gulf & African countries. Poles are supplied as painted or galvanized as per project requirements.

Our wide selection of commercial poles comprises Tubular Swaged poles, High Mast Poles and Octagonal poles. Our product value chain begins with the procurement of Hot Rolled Coils, confirming to IS : 10748 / IS : 5986 or equivalent standards which are then, either used as inputs for the manufacture of Steel Tubes and subsequently for Swaged Poles, or straight away slit and cut to size for manufacture of High Mast / Octagonal Poles. The 14 metre long Galvanizing unit (one of the largest in India) ensures that all sizes of Poles & Structures can be galvanized in a single dip, thereby eliminating double-dipping and zinc marks.

Our product versatility allows architects, engineers and design professionals to use them for a wide range of commercial, residential, municipal and industrial applications. The durability and strength of the product, along with its lightweight, maintenance-free construction results in minimum installation time and lower shipping cost. Each phase of design, fabrication, finishing and delivery is planned and seamlessly carried out to ensure that customers receive the highest quality products.

  • Lighting Poles

    We manufacture lighting poles from 5 metres to 16 metres (height) that find application in Street Lighting, Telecom Aerial Cabling, Power Distribution lines and Signboards, among others. The in-house production of MS pipes (raw material for poles) ensures a ready availability, on-time delivery and cost management. We manufacture as per the highest quality standards of IS: 2713 / BS 4360 and customized for specific applications.


    The Company offers galvanized or painted lighting poles as per customer requirements. It possesses one of eastern India's largest galvanizing facilities (14 metres bath length), ensuring the highest surface protection quality with pure zinc. Our product range includes light poles in single hang and double hangs, street light poles and traffic light poles among others that are made of ERW tubes of suitable lengths swaged and joined together.


    Skipper Limited is associated with reputed government and corporate customers like NTPC, Coal India, Reliance Industries and various RGGVY projects, among others.

    Key benefits
    • Fireproof, immune to insect infestation and no pole rot
    • Weighs 50-70% less than comparable concrete structures
    • Scope of Customization
    • Elongation - up to 85% with no shrinkage
    • Free of copper wire grounding
    • Fully recyclable and non-toxic
    • Steel pipes manufactured as per ASTM specification
    • Capable of galvanizing all sizes of poles in Single Dip
    • Street lighting
    • Traffic signals
    • LT line
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  • Distribution Poles

    Skipper manufactures poles of 5m to 16m, usually used in street lighting, telecom aerial cabling, power distribution lines and signboards. The captive production of MS pipes ensures ready raw material availability, on-time product delivery and cost management. The Company manufactures poles as per the highest quality standards of IS: 2713/BS 4360. The products manufactured can be customised according to demand specifications and applications.

  • Monopoles

    Monopoles are used for a variety of communication applications and are ideal for use when zoning is difficult. We design monopoles using the internationally recognized software PLS-POLE by power line systems following standards IS 802, IS-5613, IEC 60826, ASCE 48-05 and EIA-TIA 222G. Codal provisions are software managed and linear and non-linear analysis is performed by finite element modelling. Our bouquet includes both shallow and pile foundation as per IS 456, IS 291..


    • Distribution Monopoles:
    • Galvanized polygonal distribution poles up to 33 KV have following advantages over the conventional poles. Long life, no corrosion, repetitive painting not needed. Can be designed for any desired load and height, Light weight, easy to install and relocate, Aesthetically pleasing, environment friendly.

    • Transmission Monopoles:
    • We design, manufacture and supply transmission line monopoles from 33KV up to 765KV. Skipper is the only company in India to have successfully designed, fabricated and tested a 765 kV monopole.

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