Telecom Towers

In recent years, Skipper Limited has gained a great deal of expertise by working for various clients in the telecom industry. The company has a solid foundation in structural engineering. Along with manufacturing and supply of telecom structures we do cater to associated engineering services like civil & electrical works, geotechnical analysis and design engineering, as a single window solution.


"4 Legged Angular Towers"

4 Legged Angular Tower is a self supporting tower designed on a square base pattern. The tower is optimized for medium to heavy loads and is generally suitable for primary cellular sites, MW backbone sites, or central communication hubs
"3 Legged Tubular Tower"

3 Legged Tubular Towers are mainly fabricated with circular hollow sections which are specially designed to reduce the number of individual members
"3 Legged Angular Tower"

3 Legged Angular Tower is a self supporting tower which is specifically designed, tailored and formulated in accordance to the requirement of TELCOs
"3 Legged Narrow Base Tubular Tower"

3 Legged Narrow Tubular Towers are mainly fabricated with circular hollow sections which are specially designed to reduce the number of individual members and are suitable for limited space or congested land site

Skipper is amongst the largest manufacturers of Telecom Monopoles in India, with one of the largest galvanising facilities in the country. It is also one of the first companies to introduce the technologically superior Monopoles in India. Monopoles are one of the least intrusive and easy to install towers

  • Slip Joint Monopole
  • Skipper Slip Joint Monopole is an 18-sided Slip Joint Monopole that reaches the heights of up to 40m. These Monopoles are made of 7.5m tapered hollow steel sections which are connected with the Slip Joint Method.

  • Flange Joint Monopoles
  • Especially created to suit the clients’ request, our Monopole Towers are made of tapered hollow steel sections which are bolted together with circular flanges..

  • Camouflaged Pole
  • Pine / Palm & Flag Skipper has evolved a wide variety of design concepts around aesthetic structures catering to the needs of ground-based and rooftop installations. Our solution portfolio comprises of various options such as camouflaged monopoles with day and night views, street light cum telecom poles, palm trees etc. These solutions are designed to suit site deployment in public places. As the leading telecom infrastructure provider in the country, Skipper is all set to change the telecom towers landscape by adding more and more aesthetic towers across the network

  • Roof Top Towers and Poles
  • Skipper Limited supplies triangular & square penetrating and non-penetrating type rooftop lattice towers with various heights. Skipper also provides rooftop poles of heights ranging from 2m to 12m, as per customer' requirements.
    Rooftop Lattice Towers both triangular & square with different heights, can be supplied.
    Rooftop Poles with various heights and diameters can be supplied.


Skipper specialists help customers by providing consultancy services to design, develop and implement the solutions. We provide technical consultancy services for designing of towers, their foundation and installation activities.